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With dedicated team of more than 100 peoples in 4 locations we are always ready to guide and help.

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We have showed off that we are the one of the best money saving and managing sociaty

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Department of Co-operation Provided Certificate of Catagory "A" Sociaty which is continue till date


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On Dec. 06 1976 With vision and mission to provide holistic services we have launched our Co-Operative sociaty


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CGSSSM have go so many awards from Co-Operative Department and Bhilai Steel Plant.


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After Breaking Every Mile Stones we have reached to 7000+ Members and Provided loan to over 6432 Members


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Awards Win


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“कर्मण्ये वधिकारस्ते, मां फलेषु कदाचन“

The basic philosophy of co-operatives is that if people collectively collect their capabilities and physical resources, then the means of their capability increases many times, and the work which seems impossible or beyond the power to do alone, together they can do the same work. If done, it becomes very simple and easy.

Chhattisgarh Sahakari Sakh Samiti Maryadit, in the field of Durg District's cooperative movement, entered the cooperative movement on 06/12/1976 as a result of tireless hard work and dedication of only 1300 iron men. In today's competitive era, facing various kinds of adverse conditions, administrative difficulties and disparities during its 48-year tenure, the organization has taken its important place in the cooperative sector not only in Durg-Bhilai but also in the entire state. Has made The multiplicity and uniqueness of the institution's all-round development and achievements has depended on the diligence and dynamism of the cooperative brothers associated in the field of cooperatives.

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I can only say that the cgsssm has continuously met their member and other stakeholder expectation

Kishore Sao

Engineer, BSP

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I have discovered a thriving community at CGSSSM. The member work collaborative to fulfil requirement. I met some of the most ineresting people of my life in this sociaty

Amit Kumar

Manager, BSP